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Apis Biologix BIO-CONTROL is the first (and only) formulation of phytochemical, phenolic, amino acid, vitamin and phytohormone profiles naturally present in floral nectar that have been independently research verified to produce beneficial effects at the population, colony and individual level of analysis. The Apis Biologix bio control is designed to be added to your favorite sugar syrup or liquid feed supplement to fill in the nutritional gaps and provide a much more complete bee food. There is a corresponding bio-nutrition product for pollen supplements called bio-activator as well.

Beekeepers who have varroa well controlled, understand the value of young queens, and the critical timing associated with feeding interventions (avoiding nutritional stress events), will be able to add value to their beekeeping by incorporating these missing elements into their nutritional support program.

The intended use of Apis Biologix Bio-Nutrition is to provide a meaningful nutritional support program that can be employed during high stress situations for improved operational consistency and ‘Control’ over season to season variability. While the respective quantities of the bioactive elements are less in comparison to the macro elements of the honeybee diet, their impact on the growth and immune status of the colony is significant in the following applications:

Building Population

Winter Preparation


Nutritionally Depleted Conditions

Pollination Events

Nutritional Support For Queen Rearing

Mobilizing / Transport

Apis Biologix BIO-CONTROL specifications:

Contains aspartic acid, serine, glycine, histidine, threonine, proline, tyrosine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, phenylalanine, lysine, glutamic acid, arginine, alanine, methionine, gamma aminobutyric acid (gaba), phenolic profile, ascorbate, and phytohormone profile

The concentrations and proportions found naturally in floral nectar.

Net weight 22.7 grams OR 113.5 grams (depending on the size pack purchased)

Instructions for use as a honey bee feed sugar syrup additive or bee liquid feed additive:

Equipment Required:

Common Blender

Scale in Milligrams

For more information on bio control see the following video -> Video Link

Apis Biologix BIO-CONTROL

PriceFrom $19.79
  • - Add 102.5 mg [bio control] per liter of mixed sugar syrup – following your established. feeding (spring / late summer / fall) schedule

    - Premix weighed portion of [bio-control] into small amount water with a common blender to make a slurry

    - Add [bio control] solution to sugar syrup & mix well

    - As we do not use chemical stabilizers or preservatives in these products mix fresh before each use

    -This package will make 200 L OR 1000 L of final syrup solution (depending on the size pack purchased)

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