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Do not be concerned about the default pickup location at checkout. We schedule a pickup day and time in the following locations: Spanish Fork, South Jordan, Heber City and Syracuse City.


Bee Nucs Information


Bee Nucs are available in April through about June 30th, depending on seasonal conditions. Due to high demand, we encourage customers to purchase early. Bee Nucs are only available for PICKUP, with your choice of queen. Weather may delay pickup days. L&P Supply will work to keep you informed of any changes as much as possible..

Bee Nucs (Pickup ONLY)

$185.00 Regular Price
$175.00Sale Price

2024 Nucs

Out of Stock
  • At L&P Supply we pride ourselves on product quality. All nucs are made with proven queens and include 5 frames of high quality bees to give your new hive the best opportunity at success.

    • Our queens are marked, which helps beginners locate and begin learning what to look for to find queens in the future.
    • All of our bees are treated for varroa mites, ensuring that new hives have a clean fresh start.

    Our bees are bred for gentleness, honey production and over-wintering. Whether starting a new hive or refilling an empty one, L&P bees will provide you a great foundation as you look to build your apiary.


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